About Us

At Multi-Faith Saskatchewan we aim to initiate, foster and assist in the development and operation of multifaith groups in Saskatchewan. We want to help these groups understand, appreciate and accept the diverse faith communities in their area.

We want to help multifaith groups increase awareness in their communities to the beliefs and special needs of all faiths as well as help these groups to work for a just and peaceful society by moderating and eliminating prejudices that hinder the development of such a society.

We also promote association, co-operation and mutual understanding among provincial single faith organisations.

At Multi-Faith Saskatchewan, we work with both provincial and national organizations with similar aims and objectives.

Community Updates

  • Visual Art Project 2020-2021

    Please here in find the brochure for 8th Annual Visual Art Project 2020-2021. We look forward to receiving your entries.   VAP Brochure for 2020-21

  • Multifaith Saskatchewan AGM 2019-2020

    Hello Everyone   This year Multifaith Saskatchewan will hold its AGM on July 29, 2020 ( 5pm to 7pm) and on  a virtual or remote platform due to the ongoing […]


    NOTICE  SASKATCHEWAN YOUTH VISUAL ART PROJECT-2020 CANCELLED Saskatchewan Youth Visual Art Project committee sadly announces that since the schools are closed because of Covid-19, Saskatchewan Youth Visual Art project for year […]